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Darya pala Engineering Company

The management of Darya Pala Engineering Company (DPEC) has the honor and the pleasure to present hereinafter a brief description of the Company’s history, activities, operations, capabilities and accomplishments.

Darya Pala Engineering Co. is one of the major Consulting Engineering firms in the Islamic Republic of Iran, enjoying very high respect and good repute.

DPEC has performed about 150 projects within 10 years to the full satisfaction of its Clientele.

Enterprise: Beneficial and environmental utilization of energy, power and utilities.

Fields: Oil, Gas, Water, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Mechanics, Electrics, Civil and Others .

Mission: Total Customer satisfaction, high engineering proficient performance, and further developments. Expansion of the Company and Export of its Engineering Services.

The Management of Darya Pala Engineering Co., takes this opportunity to express its utmost thanks to its Clients / Customers for their full supports of DPEC, and as well as extend its gratitude and appreciation to all of its staff,  personnel, colleagues and friends for their devoted, honest and sincere efforts and endeavors for the advancement of the Company, without which, DPEC could have not survived and succeeded in its accomplishments and achievements .

The Management

Darya Pala Engineering Co.